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Throwback Thursday: Ysleta beats Jefferson

  It's football season and the El Paso area high schools were playing hard in 1960. The Ysleta Indians beat the Jefferson Foxes with a score of 28-8 at the Austin High stadium.  Early in the game, Jefferson scored a touchdown. But Armando Domiguez, featured in the photo, scored three touchdowns that night, taking Ysleta to a dominating win. An excellent runner, all Dominguez had to do was get the ball and outrun Jefferson. You can read the whole article here .
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You missed it! BIBLIOAZTECA art opening

On September 16, the library held an opening showing local artists and featuring local musicians and performers. The art will continue to be on display until December 1, 2022.  However, if you didn't attend the event, you still missed a lot! Many of the artists were on hand to meet and greet. Some artists were selling work and prints. Two bands, "Signals After Dark," and "Valiant Blues," performed amazing sets live. Marco Lopez and Liz Tina also performed solo shows. There were also fire dancers at all four libraries! Make sure you don't miss upcoming events! Check out the library website and social media to check out what's going on at the library! (

Sergio Troncoso Reading Challenge

To encourage children and young adults to read and to visit the branch library, author Sergio Troncoso has established the annual Troncoso Reading Prizes at the Sergio Troncoso Branch Library. Nurturing a love of reading is important for academic success, to find your voice inside and outside the classroom, and to gain confidence to become an active member of your community. These are the goals of the reading prizes. As a child growing up in Ysleta, Sergio Troncoso loved to read, and he wants to encourage others to empower themselves through reading.  Eligibility: The reading prizes will be awarded only to students within the geographical area covered by the Sergio Troncoso Branch Library. The high schools include: Del Valle High School, Ysleta High School, Socorro High School, Faith Christian Academy High School, and Plato Academy High School. The middle schools include: Camino Real Middle School, Ysleta Middle School, Salvador H. Sanchez Middle School, Valley View Middle School, and

Visit from Sergio!

 Mr. Sergio Troncoso visited the library today! Sergio is in town for an interview for an upcoming program. We can't wait to see the show!  Picture taken outside the library... and make sure you come into the library to check out some of Sergio's excellent books!

Did you know? - Labor Day

Labor Day is more than just a day off. It's time to reflect on the actions that workers around the country have taken to improve our lives. These actions include a 40 hour work-week, lunch breaks, better pay, and more. To celebrate, let's learn a little about the El Paso labor movement. In the early 1970s, employees at the Farah Manufacturing Company went on strike. The workforce, made up mostly of women, included around 4,000 people in both El Paso, San Antonio, and Mexico, wanted to form a labor union in order to improve their working conditions. The strike included a national boycott of Farah products. Huelga  is the Spanish word for strike.  You can read more about the strike  here .

Did you know? Jungkook's birthday

Today is Jungkook's birthday! He is a member of the popular K-Pop band, BTS. Junkook was born in 1997 and is not only a singer, but also a songwriter. You can check out music from BTS at the library. There are digital copies and physical CDs both! Check out the catalog  here . Image by I DARE U JK, CC BY 3.0  , via Wikimedia Commons, taken in 2018.

Throwback Thursday

A new library building opened up in the Ysleta neighborhood on March 5, 1996. This was the new version of the Sergio Troncoso Library, which used to be called "Ysleta Library." The event was marked with a glowing article in the El Paso Times . Read about it here .